The Crossroads To The Galaxy

“The New Space City.’”
“The New Space City.’”

No city on the planet has more Ports of Entry than Brownsville, making it a worldwide
gateway to technology and innovation. Over the past century, our nation’s iconic aviators,
such as Lindbergh and Earhart, pushed aeronautics’ boundaries from our runways and
infrastructure. In the next 100 years, Brownsville is poised to be a world leader in
astronautics, commercial space exploration, and development.

SpaceX is the anchor to a community that’s rapidly heading toward becoming the “New
Space City ” during the international race to build colonies on the moon and Mars. I’ve been
fortunate to position myself in the eye of the storm to see the opportunities swirling
around us since the dawn of New Space – NASA astronauts launched into orbit by private

For this, we founded Expanding Frontiers, a program to build the infrastructure for space
development. Being an official custodian and concierge of NASA technology allows
companies under the Expanding Frontiers umbrella unprecedented access to NASA’s tech
transfer database. This enables us to attract all types of businesses and crowdfunded
start-ups to get involved in space ventures. We’ve developed an Astropreneurship
Community to educate and engage students and veterans.

I encourage visitors to the area to come and see where we’re going and where we’ve been.
The iconic Pan American building at the airport was the hub of international flight travel for
decades. Also, check out the Rio Grande Valley Wing Commemorative Air Force Museum.
It’s alive with WWII history. And, of course, take a nice drive down Boca Chica Road and see
the SpaceX launch center. It’s not open to the public, but on the right day, you can park for
a front-row seat to watch a rocket streak out to space.